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2024 B2V Update #17

  • Room Reservations
  • Car Rentals
  • Team Volunteers
  • Team T-Shirt Distribution

2024 B2V Update #16

  • Greeting – Subscribe
  • This weekend’s Email
    • Team Status Report
    • Radio Rental Flyer
  • Stockton PD
  • Volunteers
    • How to register
    • How to send your desired position
  • Hotel Reservations
  • Rental Car Reservations
  • Missing Teams from last year
  • Happy Thanksgiving!

2024 B2V How to “Navigate the web site”

2024 B2V Team Captain Meeting 11/11/23

2024 B2V Update #15

  • Greeting
  • Book your Hotel Rooms
  • Team Status Report
  • Next Team Captain Meeting  

2024 B2V Update #14

  • Greeting
    • Click Subscribe
  • LAPRAAC Memorial Run
  • Hotel Rooms
  • Next Team Captain Meeting
  • Volunteer Info

2024 B2V Update #13

  • Greeting
    • Click Subscribe
  • Tracking due dates
  • Hotel Registration Link
  • New Videos Out
  • Paid but not registered
  • Please review the list that went out on Sunday evening
  • Last year’s teams still not registered
  • Rule book posting
  • LAPRAAC Memorial Run

2024 B2V “How To Ensure You Are a Runner For Your Team”

Video will show how to ensure a Team Captain is signed up as a runner for their team.

2024 B2V How To “Order Your Runner Shirts”

Tutorial on how to order your runner shirt sizes on the B2V Race Registration web site.

2024 B2V How To “Send A Runner Invite”

Tutorial for team captains on how to invite your runners to sign up on the B2V Race Registration web site.

2024 B2V Update #12

  • Greeting
  • Subscribe to YouTube
  • Hotel Information
  • Race Course Info
  • Radio Rentals

Save up to $500 on your 2024 entry fee

2024 B2V Update #11

  • Teams Registered
  • Race Dates
  • Host Hotel & Room Reservation Information
  • Save up to $500 on your Baker to Vegas Registration

2024 B2V Update #10


  • Click Subscribe
  • Loss of Chad Swanson
  • Weekly Update Email
  • Advantages of being registered
    • Rule Changes
    • Station Category
  • Final Run Plan Changes
  • Corrected information from Team Captain Meeting

2024 B2V Team Captain Meeting 10/02/23

2024 B2V Team Captain Meeting Zoom Link

A quick video to explain how you and your co-captains can receive the Zoom link for our 10/2/23 Team Captain Meeting.

2024 B2V Update #9

  1. Greeting
    a. Click subscribe
  2. Weekly Email
    a. Updated Team Status Report
    b. Bounce Backs
  3. Catcher’s
    a. What is a catcher
    b. What is their role
  4. Big news
    a. New stage 20 route

2024 B2V New Team Captain Video

The below listed questions are discussed in the video:

  1. How many years have you been a team captain?
  2. How many runners do I need to recruit?
  3. How much support personnel do I need?
  4. How many support vehicles do I need?
  5. What type of follow vehicle is best?
  6. How  big of a budget do I need?
  7. Do I need to rent radios?
  8. Are FRS radios the same as the rental radios?  Do I still need a FRS radio for my follow vehicle if I rent radios?
  9. Is it easy to communicate while on the race course?
  10. How do I know which category I should select?
  11. Is there an advantage to paying early?
  12. In the event we have to cancel, is it easy to receive a refund?
  13. Is there an advantage to staying at the host hotel?
  14. How do I know where to place my runners?
  15. How do I figure out our overall time?
  16. What can I expect on race weekend?
  17. Any additional advice?
  18. Why do you come back every year???

2024 B2V Update #8

  • Importance of YouTube Videos
  • Suggestions for YouTube videos
  • Entry Fee & How to pay your fee
  • Addresses for submitting entry fee
  • Dating of mail in or in person payment
  • Upcoming Team Captain Meeting Zoom Link

2024 B2V “How to Pay Registration Fee”

  • website
  • September 13 Pay opens up
  • Location of link to pay
  • Remembering your password

2024 B2V Update #7

2024 B2V Update #6

  • Important Registration Info
  • Registration Fee Process
  • More “How to” videos will be posted soon
  • New Team Captain Video will be posted within the next couple of weeks

2024 B2V “How to add a Co-Captain”

2024 B2V Update #5

  • Registration
    • Links
    • “How To” video
  • Registration Fee
    • Fee amount
    • Date
  • Upcoming Videos

2024 B2V Update #4

  • Registration
    • Opens September 1st
    • Fee Payment starts September 13th
  • Team Captain Meeting
    • Dates & Times.

2024 B2V “How to Register”

A step by step process on how to register your team on the registration web site

2024 B2V Update #3

  • Registration
    • Opening date
    • Fee Collection Opening Date
    • Registration Fee
  • Hotel Information
    • Room information
    • Food court
  • Course Records
    • Where to find them
    • New records from 2023

2024 B2V Update #2

  • Click subscribe
    • Ask others on your team to subscribe as well.  All B2V info will be going out on this channel
  • Registration
    • Opens September 1
    • Use personal email, not department.  Department gets kicked backed and you may not receive link
    • If you do not receive a link by the end of the day on the 1st send an email.  That means our email was blocked.
    • Use cell number, not a land line.  I often use this number to communicate with you and send messages.
  • Entry Fee
    • $2,300
    • Begin taking payment on September 13
    • Same form of payment as last year.
      • On line with credit card, find the link at
      • Send check into the office
        • LAPRAAC
        • PO BOX 861148
        • Los Angeles, CA 90086
        • Must include your control number and team name in the memo section

2024 B2V Update #1

  • Entry Fee is $2,300
  • 99 Category is back
  • Stage 8 will need a parking pass this year
  • Explain registration process for new captains – Cannot share link

2024 B2V Welcome Video




2023 B2V Follow Vehicle Checklist & Stage Maps

2023 B2V Runner Check-in & FAQ

2023 B2V Follow Vehicle Video

2023 B2V Exchange Chute Directions

2023 B2V Responsibilities of a Catcher

2023 B2V Team Check-in Procedure

2023 B2V How To…”Enter Estimated Run Time”

2023 B2V How To…”Head of Agency Form”

2023 B2V How To…”Communications Form”

2023 B2V How to Change Team Information

2023 B2V “How To” Runners Invite and Placement

2023 B2V How To “Register Your Race Volunteer”

2023 B2V How To “Ordering Your Shirts”

2023 B2V Team Captain as a Runner – How To…

2023 B2V Runner Registration Tutorial

2023 B2V Registration Web Site Review & Refresher Information

2023 B2V New Team Captain Meeting 10/05/22

2023 B2V New Team Captain Information

2023 B2V Team Registration Tutorial

2023 B2V Co-Captain Invitation Tutorial

B2V Heat & Hydration

2022 Follow Car Information

2022 Communications Information

B2V Team Shirt Order “How To”

B2V Runner Registration Invitation Link

Team Captain to Register as a Runner

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