Downed Runner

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Flights that take place mid-day are the most likely to have problems. Night time runners are more likely to suffer physical injuries such as cramped muscles and turned ankle. Follow Vehicle crew members should watch the runner closely for signs of distress. They should take immediate action to prevent a medical emergency.

Make sure that you offer the runner water every few minutes.

Definition Of A Downed Runner

Tired Runner

Is a runner who feels they can’t go on, and they want to quit running. If the runner can get into the vehicle unassisted and can carry on a normal conversation, then they are not a medical emergency. Watch them closely for any change in condition. Continue to follow your Alternate Runner. The tired runner must check in with the medics at the next stage.

Heat Exhaustion

1. Runner hasn’t been taking and drinking water.

2. Runner cannot carry on a normal conversation, is incoherent or vomiting.

3. The runner has changed their normal running pattern (rubber legs ~ flaying arms)

4. The runner’s skin tone has changed.

5. The runner may remain coherent but is not oriented to time, place or circumstances.

Heat Stoke

Heat Stroke is a life threatening condition. It occurs when the runner has been allowed to continue running thru the exhausted phase.

1. Runner weaves, staggers and falls.

2. The runner becomes unconscious.

3. The runner is conscious and combative, confused or babbling.

Stop To Render Aid To A Downed Runner

  1. Pull your vehicle to the extreme right of the roadway, as far off the pavement as possible.
  2. Turn on your 4 way flashers. If possible, have a crew member go to the rear of your vehicle and assist runners and other vehicles to pass safely. Dispatch your alternate runner.
  3. Get your runner into the Follow Vehicle. It is mandatory that the runner be kept as flat as possible. M ake sure you Ice them down in the crotch and armpit area.
  4. Use your FRS radio to attempt to contact any Motor Patrol or Safety Patrol in the area. Safety Patrol will work only the first eight (8) Stages.
  5. Load the downed runner into the Follow Vehicle. Drive the downed runner to the nearest stage for medical aid. Use your FRS radio to advise other Follow Vehicles that your runner is without escort.

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