Prevent Medical Emergencies

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The Follow Vehicle Crew is responsible for the SAFETY and WELL BEING of their Runner.

Do NOT let your Runner become a “Medical Statistic”.

Watch your Runner at all times.

Watch for signs of fatigue, dehydration, and for physical exhaustion.
Take care of Your Runner! When they begin to show signs of fatigue or become disorientated, do NOT encourage them to “GO ON”! Encourage them to “SLOW UP”. it is far better for them to lose a few seconds than to lose 10 minutes for a Downed Runner! Or worse, chopper ride!


Follow Vehicle Personnel must be especially alert if their Runners are running in the daylight hours in the heat of the day. They are the ones who are most likely to have a problem!

1. BE ALERT! – Watch your runner. Be aware of any changes in their attitude. Watch for any changes in their running pattern.

2. Offer them water to drink every few minutes. They must consume the water. Spraying it on them is of minimal value. The most common cause of distress is the lack of adequate hydration before they start to run.

3. Talk to them! If they seem disorientated or lost in space, slow them up or stop them and render aid.

4. When a runner shows outward signs of fatigue, such as rubber legs or staggering, THEY are in TROUBLE!

Downed Runner

The FV Crew in this series is not following the rules!

They are not directly behind the runners!

They are not paying attention to their runner!

The runner in this video was in trouble long before this 4 second segment!

The FV Crew should have slowed or stopped the runner at the very first sign of trouble.

Rubber legs, wobble or zig-zag running are the very last symptoms of a distressed runner just before they go down.

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