Captain Information

Runner Registration Portal

Run Log Procedures

It is IMPERATIVE that you Read and Follow the Step-by-Step Instructions   Forms are provided on the web-site. 


Once you have paid your entry fee, you will be given a password for On-Line Registration of your Runners.

  1. Log on to  -> Team Captains -> Runner Registration then scroll down to the Runner Registration Portal link (see below on this page).
  2. Type in your Team # and your password.
  3. Read the instructions at the top of the web page.
  • Fill it in with your Team Name, Captain Name and your preliminary run order.
    • STAGE 12 Runner Exception.  Type in the runner’s first name instead of their initial.  This is for the Pahrump welcoming committee announcer. 
  1. Be sure to press the [Save Entries] button at the bottom of the page or your data will NOT be recorded, and your entries will be erased.
  2. Press the Print This Page button to get a printed copy of your Preliminary Run Plan.
  3. You may make changes to your Preliminary Run Plan as often as necessary up until the deadline.  MONDAY RACE WEEK @ 1000 HOURS.  At 1000 hours, your Race plan will be imported into the Race Computer and will become your Official Run Log.
  4. You may browse the other team’s Run Plans by omitting the password function.

STEP 2 – Team Captain Check In

All Team Captains shall check-in prior to the Race Briefing.  They shall exchange a completed Team Wavier form for their Official Run Log.

STEP 3 – To make changes to the Runner Order before the race  

Before giving the Official Run Log to the Follow Vehicle crew, make your changes the order.  Use PENCIL.  See Sample below

  1. Swapping Runners Legs:To rearrange running order, draw a line through the original runners name and PRINT the name of the new runner above the original runner’s name. Leave the Substitute Runners Column blank for field changes.
  1. Follow Vehicle Crew Instructions: It is imperative the Follow Vehicle Observer keep an accurate log of who ran the leg.  When you give the Official Run Log to your Follow Vehicle Crew, make sure they understand the following procedures.
  • Alternate Runners running for a NO SHOW, or last minute changes must get their White Bib Number from the RV Support Officials at the stage. The FV Observer shall print the alternate’s name in the Substitute Runner Column and print ALT in the leg # column.
  • Downed Runner: The replacing runner shall run with Green numbers front and back.  Do Not Remove the White number from the downed runner.  Observer, print the name of the replacing runner in the Substitute Runner Column and indicate DR in the leg # column.
  • Finish Line: The Follow Vehicle Observer shall turn in the Official Run Log to the Finish Line Officials within 15 minutes of the their crossing the finish line.

Runner’s Time:  Do not log runner’s time on the Official Run Log.  If you desire to record the times of the runners you must do so on a separate sheet of paper