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Rental / Personal Vehicles

Selecting A Follow Vehicle

Be very careful when selecting a Follow Vehicle. Diesel engines are NOT allowed due to the fumes. Cars with air-cooled engines are to be avoided due the lack of cooling while traveling at 6mph. Large SUV’s are also not recommended due to their size and fuel consumption. Stick to small fuel efficient mini vans.

Basic Information

When you pick up your rental vehicles, make sure to get the instruction manual. All drivers should become familiar with the vehicle before driving the course. Find out where the spare tire and changing tools are located. If you will be using the power outlet, locate the fuse panel and have spare fuses.

Creature Comfort

Be prepared for the swing in temperatures. Sun Screen, hat, sun glasses right along with Knit hat, warm sweater even gloves you will use all of this gear. Snacks are a must. You are in the Follow Vehicles for at least a few hours if not more.

Wiring Of Vehicle

It is strongly suggested that you do NOT try to run everything off the power outlet. Have an experienced person run a heavy duty cable directly to the battery. The cable should have in-line fuses and battery clip ends. Tape the cable to the vehicle body with duct tape.

Lightbars, Rotating Lights, Signs, Flags.

You will be escorted from the Vehicle Check-In point to the Vehicle Staging Area at 25 mph. Anything that you place on top of the vehicle must withstand high wind loads. You don’t want to have to stop following your runner while you chase your equipment blowing across the desert. Some teams have developed their equipment around removable luggage racks. (Suction cups and retaining straps.) Just make sure that any sign that you place on top does not block the light from your rotating beacon (or Strobe).

Flat Tires

AAA service for changing flats is NOT available. You will have to do it yourself. Be Prepared. It is strongly suggested that you bring your own star wrench rather than using the knuckle buster that comes with the vehicle.

The jacks that are in the vehicle have a very small base. They are NOT intended to be used on the sandy shoulder to the desert. From past experience, when you try to jack the vehicle UP, it doesn’t move, instead, the jack goes DOWN into the desert. A fix for this is to bring a small board to place under the jack. It should be about ¾ x 6 x 8 inches.

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