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Tow Straps

Pick up an inexpensive tow strap at your local auto parts store and bring it with you. Each year, several dozen vehicles get stuck in the desert because concrete dwellers do not know how to drive off road. Don’t make jackrabbit starts. Take it easy, don’t spin your wheels.

Hell Box

Teams that have done this race many times have a plastic carton which contains the many miscellaneous items that they have found need of in previous years IE: Knife, batteries, spare radio, tow tape, duct tape, flash light, flares, toilet paper, paper towels, hand cleaner /sanitizer, empty coffee can and lid. ETC ETC

FRS Radios

The follow vehicle drivers must listen to the FRS radio at all times using ear buds. It is recommended that each driver be supplied with their own personal ear-buds for hygienic purposes. Each user should be capable of using the radio. They should know how to turn it on/off, set the frequency, set the PL adjust the volume and press the talk button. The radios should have a fresh set of batteries installed. Do NOT use a vehicle adapter cord or rechargeable batteries. Have a set of fresh batteries in the hell box. It wouldn’t hurt to have a spare radio just in case.

Aid To The Runner

Water, water, cold water. This is what you give the runner. Do not give them anything else unless they have used it in the past. The power drinks of today contain chemicals that thin the blood. If they need an IV later they will bleed like they were in a knife fight.

Dependable Support Staff

Be very careful when selecting your support staff. The no-show factor can create a giant problem. The Follow Vehicle requires a full and dependable crew. NO FLAKES. Follow vehicles will be on the course for 12 to 20 hours. Make plans to rotate your crew. Make sure that the fresh crew knows the rules. Most teams rotate their crew at a location after the exchange point.

Cowboy Issue

This is the rookie out for fun, a wild card, a hot-shot, a show off, in short, an undependable person. Avoid this kind of person at all costs. They can earn your team a serious penalty.


Drinking alcoholic beverages anywhere on the race course is strictly prohibited. This includes any member of the team, support personnel & team visitors.

By all means, runners should not partake PRIOR to running! Alcohol is a diuretic and reduces the hydration that the runners need.

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