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General Information

All follow vehicle personnel are required to read and abide by the rules as specified by Chapter 5 of the Rule Book. The following is a short form reminder to be read by ALL FV Crew members.

2019 Follow Vehicle Check-In and Follow Vehicle Staging

For 2019 both Follow Vehicle Check-In and Follow Vehicle Staging will share the same location.
The 2019 Start Line is at approximately milepost 17.5 – or 17.5 miles north of Baker, on Highway 127. The shared Follow Vehicle area is at approximately milepost 21.5, or 4 miles north of (beyond) the Start Line.
All Follow Vehicles shall report to the Check-In area at least one hour before their team’s scheduled start time. Your runner will NOT be allowed to start the race until your vehicle crew has checked-in, inspected, and have been given last minute instructions.
Follow Vehicles will be moved from the Check-In to the adjacent staging area where they shall await their first runner. They will park as directed by staging area officials. Someone must always remain in the vehicle and monitor the FRS radio. Staging Area officials will announce Team Numbers as the runners approach the Staging Area so that you may prepare to merge with your runner.

Amber Rotating / Strobe Light

All Follow Vehicles shall be equipped with an Amber Light {Rotating or Strobe} mounted on top of the vehicle so as to be visible for 360 degrees. It is advisable to carry a spare. If your light fails while on the course, replace it or use your 4 way flashers.

FRS Radios Required

It is mandatory that the Follow Vehicle Driver shall monitor (Using Ear Buds) the FRS Radio at all times. Race Motors, other Follow Vehicles and Race Officials may cite you for failure to respond to a call to your vehicle. It is mandatory that you have a set of spare batteries for your radio.

5 Minute penalty for each occurrence of Not Responding to Radio Calls.

Sound Systems

Vehicle Sound Systems Are Allowed On The Course!

Runners may wear personal sound systems from the Start Line to Stage 18. Runners are prohibited from ANY sound device from Stage 18 to the Finish line. This is a safety issue and will be strictly enforced.

15 minute penalty for each occurrence of sound systems violation

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